About our practice

Dr. Mapes Courtside DentistryStarting in September of 2013, Court Square Dentistry began making it's mark on the smiles of Long Island City.

Dr. Mapes opened his first practice, Williamsburg Smile Design, in 2011. It was an instant hit in north Williamsburg and only a year and half later, he found himself planning practice number two. It became clear that the perfect location for his next office was in the nearby Queens neighborhood of Long Island City. 

A true neighborhood dentist

Not only does Dr. Mapes work in the neighborhood, but he also calls it home. Shortly prior to opening the practice, he packed up and moved from Williamsburg to a new home in Long Island City. He truly wishes to chip in and contribute his part in helping to build this up-an-coming neighborhood into the next big thing in New York City. 


Our office has amazing perks. We have Netflix in every room and we can even play your favorite movie or show on ceiling mounted monitors during treatment. We offer coffee and hot chocolate and warm/cold towel service depending on the season. Fresh scents and aromatics are put into the air, because the last thing anyone wants to smell is that old dental office aroma. If you can think of anything we can do to improve your experience, let us know. We aim to please at Court Square Dentistry!