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I am worried that my procedure will hurt. Will it?

One of our top priorities at Court Square Dentistry is patient comfort. We want you to have a great experience while you are here, so we have created an atmosphere that is soothing and provided amenities to help you relax – from aromatherapy to help put you into a good mood to Netflix to help take your mind off your procedure.

Another aspect of this is ensuring you enjoy pain-free dental treatment as much as possible. We have incorporated DentalVibe technology into our care, which enables us to offer injections that are painless. This technology uses a vibration to trick the brain into feeling only the vibration rather than the injection. DentalVibe is perfectly safe to use on all patients.

In addition to being pain-free, we also want your treatments to be quick, so we have incorporated technology such as One-Visit Crowns into our practice. With One-Visit Crowns, you only need to make one trip to our office to get a custom-made dental crown fitted, fabricated, and placed. Fewer visits to the dentist is more efficient for everyone.

Come to Court Square Dentistry to see for yourself how we have made dentistry nearly stress-free. If you have suggestions as to how can make your visit more comfortable, be sure to share them. We look forward to seeing you!

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