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At what age do you recommend my child first visit the dentist?

At Court Square Dentistry in Long Island City, we recommend that you bring your children to the dentist around the same time they start getting teeth in, which is usually around one year old. These early visits are more to get your child comfortable at the dentist so they do not feel anxious in subsequent visits.

Dr. Ian Mapes will conduct a brief examination of your child’s mouth and go over their oral development in that first visit. He will also talk to you about proper home care and answer any questions you might have.

It’s important to start seeing children at a young age to begin getting them acclimated to the sights and sounds of the dentist’s office. A bad experience at the dentist in the earlier years stays with many adults, causing them to feel anxiety about seeing the dentist regularly, so they simply avoid going. We want to establish a positive relationship between the dentist and your children so they continue to take good care of their oral health for a lifetime.

When your child is a bit older and has more teeth, we might recommend fluoride treatments or dental sealants, both of which can offer protection against tooth decay. As they being to participate in sports, we’ll also talk about mouthguard options. 

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