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Do I Really Need My Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

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It's never easy to think about getting a tooth removed, and you may wonder why you can't just keep your wisdom teeth (third molars). It's very common for your dentist in Long Island City to recommend extraction for your wisdom teeth, and there are a few reasons why.


Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars to arrive around the ages of 18 to 25. They come in at the very back of your mouth next to the second molars. For many people, there is just not enough space in their mouths for these additional teeth, and they often begin to crowd neighboring teeth.

Keeping Them Clean

Due to their location, wisdom teeth can be hard for you to brush and floss properly. If you are not able to keep them clean, you could have a higher risk of developing oral health concerns like gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities.

Did They Come in Straight?

If your wisdom teeth arrived at an odd angle, they could begin to push or crowd other teeth and put them at risk.

Are They Impacted?

Some third molars don't come in at all and remain impacted or stuck under the gum line. This may seem ideal so they won't crowd your other teeth or cause dental health concerns; however, impacted teeth can cause an infection, so they need to be removed.

If your wisdom teeth avoid all of these concerns somehow, there may be a small possibility that you can keep them. Dr. Mapes is happy to provide an evaluation to determine what the right treatment is for your situation.

If you have a wisdom teeth extraction in Long Island City, you can rest assured that Dr. Mapes will ensure that the procedure is comfortable and smooth for you. Your team at Court Square Dentistry will support you through your recovery process as well. Contact our dental office today for more information. 

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