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What to Expect with Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures | Court Square Dentistry

Removable partial dentures connect to your natural teeth or dental crowns using attachments or clasps, giving you a natural-looking smile. If you’re searching for a customized solution for filling gaps between your teeth, your dentist may recommend partial dentures as an economical way to improve your smile. Consulting with your dentist about partial dentures in Queens is the first step, but here’s generally what you can expect.

The Partial Dentures Process

If you and your dentist determine that you’re a good candidate for partial dentures, your dental team will take impressions of your gums and arches. These models will help in creating the framework and teeth portion of your partial dentures. Skilled dentists use quality materials and specialized skills to ensure a precise, natural fit.

If needed, your dentist will place crowns on your adjacent teeth to provide a stable, secure attachment for the partial dentures. Once your partial dentures are ready, your dentist will make sure they fit perfectly and give you instructions on how to care for them.

Adjusting to Your Partial Dentures

It’s normal to feel some discomfort as you adjust to your new partial dentures. It may take some practice getting used to inserting and removing them, but never force your partial dentures into place. If you feel any pressure on any one spot, let your dentist know. Your dentist may also want you to remove the partial denture at night.

Caring for Your Partial Dentures

It’s essential to take good care of your natural teeth and gums as well as your partial dentures. Follow the instructions from your dentist and clean your appliance every night. Your dentist may recommend a special brush or very soft toothbrush for cleaning your partial dentures, along with mild hand or liquid dish soap. Be sure to keep your partial dentures moist when not wearing them.

If you’re considering partial dentures in Queens, call our dental office at (718) 392-0646 to schedule a consultation. We’d love to help you achieve a smile you love.

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