Microscope Dentistry

Dr. Ian Mapes is proud and excited to bring the state-of-the-art technology of microscope dentistry to Long Island City. Using a high-powered microscope, Dr. Mapes is able to detect issues like decay or fractures in your teeth very early on, which allows you to treat these concerns with less invasive procedures. You won’t find this technology at every practice in New York; in fact, Dr. Mapes is one of only a handful of dentists to offer this service to his patients.

The Benefits of Microscope Dentistry

The microscope that Dr. Mapes uses is a CJ-Optik Flexion, which allows him to examine your teeth and soft tissues with an extreme close-up view. This gives him the advantage of detecting concerns before they can even be seen with the human eye during a routine examination, which gives our patients the advantage of time.

Imagine being able to choose a small composite resin filling for your treatment instead of a full coverage porcelain crown. This saves you time in the dental chair, the cost of a more expensive treatment procedure, and having to endure a more invasive or complex procedure.

State-of-the-Art Technology for Patients in Queens

Microscope dentistry isn’t the only advanced technology you’ll find at Court Square Dentistry. Dr. Mapes invests in all the latest equipment to ensure that your experience is comfortable and exceptional.

Patients enjoy stress-free appointments with painless dental injections from DentalVibe. You will never have to worry about a dental injection again since DentalVibe ensures that you don’t feel a thing.

3D imaging with our cone beam x-ray also helps Dr. Mapes plan for implant surgeries and root canal therapy, which makes those procedures more precise and efficient for patients.

Dentistry Tailored to Your Needs

At Court Square Dentistry, you are also going to enjoy office amenities that will make you feel right at home when you visit us. Drink your favorite beverage while you wait, watch your favorite Netflix program during your procedure, and freshen up with a warm or cold towel when your treatment is completed.

We know your schedule is hectic, so we’ve tailored our schedule to easily accommodate yours with morning, evening, and Saturday appointment times rather than you having to change your day for us. We are also often able to provide same-day dentistry and One-Visit Crowns at Court Square Dentistry for your convenience, which makes it easy to fit the dentistry you need into your busy schedule.

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