Emergency Dentistry

A broken tooth or loose dental crown can happen when you least expect it.

At Court Square Dentistry, we understand not all dental visits to our office can be planned weeks in advance. When you have a dental emergency, we are here to ensure you get the expert dental care treatment you need for urgent issues. Our friendly, caring dental team will help through the emergency so you can feel like yourself again.

Dental emergencies come in many forms. Some are very painful and need immediate attention. Other times, a dental issue that started out small becomes more urgent, needing a quick solution. Even cosmetic issues can be an emergency when you have an important presentation to give in a few days.

Whatever the situation, we are here to help solve the problem and get you the dental care you need.

Urgent Dental Care

Hospital emergency rooms and urgent care medical clinics are not the best places to go when you need urgent dental care. While they may be equipped to stitch up a cut lip or put a cast on a broken arm, most are not designed to handle dental emergencies. Unfortunately, many people spend hours waiting in an ER for a dental issue just to leave without receiving the care they need.

At Court Square Dentistry, Dr. Mapes and our team are ready to handle your dental problem. We make every effort to see our emergency patients as soon as possible by offering convenient morning, evening, and Saturday appointments. We are also often able to provide same-day dentistry in many cases.

Dr. Mapes will quickly diagnose the problem area and offer a solution that will help you feel comfortable again. Some common dental emergencies are:

  • Dental pain or sensitivity
  • A broken or chipped tooth
  • A tooth that has been dislodged or knocked out
  • A lost or broken dental restoration
  • Soft tissue injuries

Do You Feel Anxious about Visits to the Dentist?

Even if you have suffered from dental anxiety in the past, we can help put you at ease. We offer a calm, soothing environment that will help you relax, even in a dental emergency. We use DentalVibe technology, which allows us to offer painless injections, helping those with a fear of needles or dental pain relax while our team fixes the problem.

We also offer options for sedation dentistry, which are available for more complex procedures. We encourage our patients to discuss their fears or concerns with us so we can offer solutions and put you at ease.  

When you or a family member needs urgent dental care, contact Court Square Dentistry right away. We will do our best to get you in to see Dr. Mapes as soon as possible. We also accept most dental insurance plans for your convenience.