DentalVibe Painless Injections

At Court Square Dentistry, your comfort is our top priority. We understand that many patients feel fearful about going to the dentist, so we offer advanced technology and other helpful solutions to help you feel more at ease in the dental chair.

Painless Injections

Are you afraid of getting an injection at the dentist?

Dental injections are used to deliver dental anesthetic that numbs the affected tooth area and makes dental procedures more comfortable. However, it is common for the injection itself to be a source of anxiety for many people.

Fortunately, with the help of today's innovative dental technology, there is a way to provide painless injections – making your entire experience in the dental chair stress-free and relaxing.

Comfort for Every Patient

At Court Square Dentistry, we proudly use DentalVibe technology to take the pain out of getting a dental shot. This breakthrough piece of equipment essentially fools your brain into not feeling the sensation of the needle stick. After a topical anesthetic is placed on the area, the handheld DentalVibe device is used. It simply sends vibrations to the brain so that your body's pain signals are interrupted before the prick of the needle is felt. Can you imagine a world where shots tickle instead of hurt? That world is here.

Both kids and adults can benefit from DentalVibe. It is a versatile solution that can eliminate the stress of getting a dental filling, root canal, or other complex procedure. With our commitment to adopting the most advanced technology in modern dentistry, you'll never have to question the quality or comfort of your dental care.

Fearful Patients Can Benefit from Dental Sedation

If you need some additional assistance in getting through your dental visits, you can discuss dental sedation with your Long Island City dentist. Dr. Mapes and his team offer oral conscious sedation as an option for patients who would like deeper relaxation to get through their dental procedures.

You will take medication prescribed by one of our dentists an hour prior to your procedure. Due to the nature of your medication, you will feel completely relaxed, almost as if you were sleeping, while still being responsive during your procedure. The medication also has an amnesic effect so you’ll have little to no memory of what went on during your procedure.

Patients using oral sedation will need to arrange for a friend or family member to assist with transportation to and from their appointment due to the nature of the medication. It is also a good idea to plan to rest and relax for the remainder of your day following your treatment.

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