Dental Crowns in Queens

If you've recently had an old, large filling fall out, broken a tooth, or had a tooth that has suffered from deep decay, it could cause a lot of pain or embarrassment. Without addressing the problem with dental care, your brittle tooth could continue to break down even further. Fortunately, rather than having your tooth removed, we can preserve it with a full-coverage porcelain crown.

What Is a Dental Crown?

Made of ceramic porcelain, a crown is designed to replace your entire tooth structure. Instead of "filling" the damaged portion of the tooth with composite resin material, a crown uses high-quality porcelain to cover its entire surface up to the gum line. A crown protects your natural root while ensuring that you enjoy all the function of eating, chewing, smiling, and talking that you had with your natural tooth.

We generally recommend these customized restorations for instances involving:

  • Large cavities that are beyond what a filling can repair
  • Root canal treatments – to build your tooth back up and ensure optimum function
  • Large fractures or cracks in your tooth
  • Restoring dental implants

With a crown, your tooth can continue functioning normally without additional fractures or wear.

Rebuild and Enhance Your Smile

Once our dentist in Queens has determined whether or not you need to have a crown, we are typically able to complete the treatment over two separate visits.

During the first appointment, the tooth is numbed and prepped, and an impression is taken. Then we send the model of your tooth to our lab, where a customized porcelain crown is handmade and custom-shaded to match your neighboring teeth and seamlessly complete your smile. You will leave this appointment wearing a temporary crown until your final restoration is ready.

About 10 to 14 days later, your permanent crown will be ready to bond into place, and you’ll return to Court Square Dentistry to have it placed permanently.

The Cost of Delaying Treatment

If you’ve been told that your tooth needs a crown it is important that you complete your crown as soon as possible. Delaying your treatment could pose problems to your tooth, allowing it to break down further until it is no longer restorable, which could result in an infection. Covering the weak structure allows you to get several more years out of your smile, without the extra risk of tooth loss.

Contact Court Square Dentistry in Long Island City today to schedule a consultation. We will be happy to review your options with you so that you can select the treatment that is most appropriate to your unique needs.