OVC Dental Crowns (One-Visit-Crowns)

Have you ever needed a dental crown for one of your teeth? Damaged teeth or teeth that undergo a root canal often need a dental crown to strengthen the tooth after treatment. However, most likely you were required to make at least two visits to your dentist to get your new crown put in place. As part of our general dentistry options at Court Square Dentistry, we are proud to offer One-Visit-Crowns (OVC) to our patients, making it quicker and more convenient than ever to restore a damaged tooth.

OVC dental crowns use the latest technology to forego the mess and time that traditional dental crowns require. Using a prepared OVC crown, Dr. Mapes will press this new crown onto your damaged tooth to create an exact impression of the tooth. After a quick cure process and removal of any excess material, the OVC is removed and cured completely in less than an hour. The new permanent crown is then ready to be placed on your damaged tooth the same day, saving you the time, trouble and expense of coming back for a second visit.

Restore Cracked or Damaged Teeth

A dental crown is the best way to protect and restore a cracked or damaged tooth. This can be due to trauma or years of decay and cavities that take their toll on the structure of the tooth. Root canal therapy almost always requires a dental crown after the infected tooth material is removed. The dental crown or cap covers the entire tooth and gives it the structure it needs to withstand the pressure of chewing, while saving your tooth from extraction.

OVC dental crowns are just one more way we make it simpler and more convenient for our patients at Court Square Dentistry. If you need a dental crown to restore a cracked or damaged tooth, contact our office today to learn more about our OVC option.