Microscope Dentistry

Using Microscope Dentistry, Dr. Mapes can examine your teeth and gums so thoroughly, he can find problems before they are ever seen by human eyes alone. This advanced technology in family dentistry is an excellent tool in the mission for better oral health. Dr. Ian Mapes is one of only a select few in the New York City area who specialize in microscopic dentistry. Dr. Mapes uses microscope dentistry in his general practice and his patients are reaping the benefits.

What is Microscopic Dentistry?

Using a microscope during an exam gives Dr. Mapes an unparalleled advantage over exams done only with the human eye. Every nook and cranny, every canal and crack of the tooth and the gums are readily visible in beautiful 3D vision. Having this depth of vision during an exam means finding problems much sooner than it does without this tool. Of course, that means finding the solution is faster, too.

Dr. Mapes uses a powerful Zeiss ProErgo Dental Microscope, or the 4.5x Zeiss Loupes, to perform his microscope dentistry. This specialty is only performed by perhaps three dentists in the entire New York City area. This is truly cutting edge technology. The microscope is used in some restorative procedures as well. Bonding porcelain in restorations and veneers is artfully accomplished with the aid of this magnificent microscope. Because of the precision provided through magnification, restorations can be made more comfortable for patients. Because the restoration results in a better fit, the risk of problems or sensitivity is reduced.

Being on the cutting edge of technology is a great advantage in the world of oral health. Early notice of the beginnings of decay and gum disease provides opportunities for early healing as well as the prevention of future problems. Dr. Mapes is excited to be a leading provider of this type of dentistry. Contact Court Square Dentistry today for your first Microscopic Dentistry exam.